My major WIP is a series of novels, working title: The War of the Grail Hallows.

Set in the Pacific Northwest from Seattle to Mt. Shasta in northern California, the series is a genre mashup of Speculative Fiction, Paranormal, and Science Fiction/Fantasy with Dystopian, Utopian, Magical, Spiritual, and Arthurian themes.

(Speaking of Things Arthurian, I’ve begun to blog on that subject at

Minor Works-in-Progress

I’m also batting away at…

  • A novelette set in the world of the Grail Hallows series.
  • A YA novel, also set in the world of the Grail Hallows series, partnering with Haydn Crowe.
  • An “alternate history” novel about the English Romantics…yes, also set in the world of the Grail Hallows. In partnership with both Haydn Crowe and Sydney Wren, this project is more of a gleam in our eyes than an actual WIP, but we’ve been talking about for years and eager to get to a place where we can give it our full attention.

Stay tuned. More will be forthcoming as things progress.