Mt. Shasta in a strange world


My major Work-in-Progress

…is a Speculative Fiction series (my “Grail Series” for short) set in the near future of the Pacific Northwest. 

Sub-genres: Science Fantasy Action/Thriller with Dystopian, Magical, and Arthurian themes.

An Eclipse is involved.

And the Holy Grail.

And Secret Societies.

And Nazis.

(When I first conceived this story a decade ago, I thought a future in which the West was plagued by a rebirth of Nazism was pure fantasy. Whadya know.)

Minor Works-in-Progress

I’m also batting away at…

♦ A stage play about the Romantics, set in the world of my Grail Series, with my partners-in-literary-crime, Sydney Wren and Ioan Raven.

♦ A short story set in the world of the Grail Series.

♦ Partnering again with Ioan Raven, a novella set in the world of the Grail Series.

As it is in the world, Everything is Connected. (In my writing life, to my Grail Series.)

Stay tuned.

More will be forthcoming as things progress.

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