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If you found your way here, it’s probably because, like me, you are drawn to stories, books, TV, and movies that are a little Out There.

That push the limits of the possible, even the imaginable.

That take us to strange, wonderful, and dreadful, new worlds. Or strange, wonderful, and sometimes dreadful places in our world, past, present, and future.

That introduce us to startling ideas and new possibilities for how we might live, or at least survive, in a world that has given many of us few options outside our own imaginations, and a very few more power than anyone ought to have.

Speculative fiction—this blog—is a journey into that wonderful, dreadful world of possible universes.

About Dana

I’m a writer as well as reader of speculative fiction. A rather reclusive and eccentric one, now that you mention it. “Dana Rail” is my pen name—the name I call myself when I put on my Wizard’s Hat and Cloak of Invisibility and sit down at the butcher block desk in my secluded writer’s studio, surrounded by flowers, in the Pacific Northwest.

Thank you for keeping me company on this journey. I hope it takes us both to marvelous and unexpected places.

Speaking  of Companions…

I have two in particular, fellow writers and sometime collaborators who will be appearing here from time to time: Ioan Raven and Sydney Wren. Without their birds-of-a-feather fellowship I would likely not have the courage to soldier on along this perilous road, this personal quest for the Holy Grail.

Speaking of the Grail…

I have another literary obsession that shows up prominently in my WIP: Arthurian legend and the Mythopoeic. I’m blogging about all that over at GrailHallows.com.


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