About Dana

I’m a writer of Science Fiction/Fantasy and Arthurian myth. A reclusive one, now that you mention it. “Dana Rail” is my pen name—the name I call myself when I put on my Wizard’s Hat and Cloak of Invisibility and sit down at the butcher block desk in my writer’s studio, surrounded by plants and Baroque/Renaissance music. I live in the Pacific Northwest.

I have published non-SFF fiction under my real name, but that’s a story for another time. 

I am repped by Maura Phelan @greenlightlit.com.

My two sometime literary collaborators are Ioan Raven and Sydney Wren. Without their birds-of-a-feather fellowship I doubt I could muster the courage to soldier on along this perilous road, this personal, speculative quest for the Holy Grail of damn fine stories.


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